• Opinion No. 96-4
    Summary: A lawyer threatened with indictment as a co-defendant with a former client may reveal the minimum amount of confidential information of the client necessary to convince the prosecutor that he had not committed any crime. In many, but not all, situations, it would be good practice to give the former client advance warning of the revelation, but the Disciplinary Rules themselves do not provide any clear guidance on this subject.
  • Opinion No. 96-3
    Summary: A lawyer seeking to withdraw from a pending court matter because of the client's repeated failure to pay his fee may reveal confidences and secrets of the client in connection with the motion, but only the minimum needed to support the motion, and should take other appropriate steps to prevent the spread of the confidential information.
  • Opinion No. 96-2
    Summary: A lawyer should withdraw from representation of a criminal defendant when that representation will require her to attack the credibility of the fiance of a criminal defendant whom she is currently representing in another matter.
  • Opinion No. 96-1
    Summary: A lawyer ought not undertake a malpractice lawsuit against an attorney who is trial co-counsel in the very same litigation in which the alleged malpractice occurred.
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