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Although it has been more than six months since the painful events of Sept. 11, 2001, the families affected by these tragedies continue to need our help and support. Over the last several months, we have been working closely with the Massachusetts Office of Victims Assistance to determine how we can best lend a hand to those families most directly impacted.
I want to take this opportunity to announce that the MBA is now able to provide pro bono assistance in the areas of property law, and labor and employment law to the immediate families of those who perished on that very sad day.
The MBA's program will supplement the areas of law already being addressed by the Boston Bar Association and the American Trial Lawyers Association. Together these programs should provide a good network of support in the various legal issues arising for those most directly impacted by these acts of terrorism.
If you think you qualify for assistance under this program and are in need of our help in any of these areas, please contact Elizabeth O'Neil, public service director, at (617) 338-0560. If you are one of our members and are able to provide assistance to victims under this program, please call us at the same number.
We are still exploring ways in which we might be able to be of assistance in the area of workers' compensation - more on that at a later date.
And my thanks to the MBA's September 11th Committee, which provided a lot of useful guidance to us in developing this and other initiatives.
Send your vote Keep an eye out for a very important piece of mail from the MBA. By now our ballots for this year's slate of officers are on the way to you. This is your opportunity to be heard in the process of deciding next year's leadership team for your organization. So please take the time to vote and send us your ballot.

E-Journal goes weekly By the time you read this, you should have received the first e-mail edition of our new, weekly Lawyers e-Journal - or a fax message asking for your e-mail address so we may add you to the free distribution list.
All MBA members for whom we have e-mail addresses are already familiar with our old e-journal. Every other week it brought you news about member benefits, announcements, links to CLE seminars and more. You also, no doubt, have received other e-mail announcements from time to time listing course changes, reminders and so on.
The new Lawyers e-Journal intends to streamline our electronic messages into one weekly package that is quick to read and chock full of useful information. We know your time is valuable; consider Lawyers e-Journal another way to make the most of your time and get the most from your membership in the MBA.
For anyone who hasn't yet given us your e-mail address or fax number - or if you've recently changed firms or e-mail services - I urge you to call the Member Service Center at (617) 338-0530 to update your membership information.

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