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Book explores the rules of advocacy "Cardinal Rules of Advocacy: Understanding and Mastering Fundamental Principles of Persuasion," by Douglas S. Lavine, looks at what qualities in a litigator make for a successful advocate, and why some lawyers achieve the best outcome for their clients while others often just scrape by. Published by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, 280-page paperback claims there are certain recurring, core principles of persuasion that can be studied and, when mastered, lead to successful advocacy. The book costs $49.95 and can be ordered by calling (800) 225-6482 or by visiting
Publication details money-laundering rules for banks, others As part of an anti-terrorism initiative, Congress included new and more comprehensive anti-money laundering provisions in the USA Patriot Act of 2001, designed, as one senator said, to seal "the cracks in our financial systems that terrorists and other criminals are all too ready to exploit." CCH Incorporated is offering an explanation of these provisions in the "CCH Guide to Anti-Money Laundering and Bank Secrecy: Compliance and the USA Patriot Act." The act amends the Bank Secrecy Act, making it more effective in combating financial crime - particularly, the financing of terrorism. Written by John M. Pachkowski, this 550-page book is a reference to all facets of compliance with the laws, regulations and policies related to the Bank Secrecy Act. To order this $50 book, visit or call (800) 248-3248.
ALI publishes ‘ of the Law of Family Dissolution’
The American Law Institute has published its first comprehensive work in the field of family law: "Principles of the Law of Family Dissolution: Analysis and Recommendations." This 1,187-page volume completes more than a decade of work on the legal consequences of family dissolution, including those involving domestic partners. Issues covered include: allocation of custodial and decision-making responsibilities for children, child support, distribution of marital property, compensatory payments to former spouses and the legal effect of agreements between the parties. Available for purchase through Sept. 30 for $112.50; after Sept. 30, the cost will be $125. To order, call (800) 253-6397 or visit
BNA Books offers an update of ‘ Court Practice’
"Supreme Court Practice, Eighth Edition" provides an overview of the Supreme Court’ history, organization and procedural framework. Experienced Supreme Court litigators offer insights into effective Supreme Court practice and discuss the court's jurisdiction over state and federal cases, factors that motivate its exercise of certiorari jurisdiction, procedures for petitioning for certiorari, procedures on appeals, in forma pauperis proceedings, certified questions, original cases, preparing and printing the joint appendix, briefs on the merits of oral argument, petitions for rehearing and final depositions of cases, motions and applications, bail and stays, justiciability, admissions to the bar, and more. Cost of this 1,338-page hardcover is $395. It can be ordered by calling (800) 960-1220 or visiting
Text guides attorneys on buy-sell agreements Whether it’ for a family business, corporation, partnership or limited liability entity, a buy-sell agreement protects each owner’ interest, preserves value and prevents later disputes when an event of transfer occurs. Published by the American Law Institute and American Bar Association Committee on Continuing Professional Education, "A Practical Guide to Buy-Sell Agreements" shows attorneys how to use to their clients' advantage all aspects of buy-sell agreements, including planning techniques, different types of agreements, transfer restrictions, valuation, funding, payment methods and ethical considerations. The 352-page hardbound book costs $99 and can be ordered by calling (800) 253-6397 or visiting
NITA publishes eyewitness-testimony book Mistaken eyewitness identification is one of the main causes of erroneous conviction. Despite voir dire, suppression motions, cross-examination, expert testimony and special judges' instructions, mistaken identifications still lead to false convictions. "Eyewitness Testimony: Challenging Your Opponent’ Witness," written by Brian L. Cutler, provides lawyers with an understanding of how psychological research on eyewitness memory can be used to challenge eyewitness testimony. Published by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, the book discusses: factors associated with eye-witness events that make inaccurate testimony more likely, expert testimony on the psychology of eyewitness memory, closing arguments, judges’ cautionary instructions on eyewitness memory and more. Cost of this 188-page paperback book is $19.95 and can be ordered by calling (800) 225-6482 or visiting

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