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Lazy days of summer? Not at the MBA!

When I arrived at the MBA last October, the pace of activity was extraordinary. Carol’s term was in full swing. The sections were all meeting regularly and were deeply engaged in a variety of substantive undertakings. And planning for the Annual Conference was well underway. Don’t worry, everyone said, when summer comes, things really slow down and you will have a chance to catch your breath.
Well, from the outside it may look as if things slow down, but I am here to report that business at the MBA is as hectic as ever, as staff toils to ensure that members are as fully served in the year ahead as we hope they were during this past year.
Among the projects going full-tilt is the MBA’s new Web site, which should be unveiled around Labor Day. The Web site is undergoing a total redesign. Major features will include: a new members-only site that puts MBA information where members expect to find it, a much-improved navigation scheme for ease of use, a separate information mix for the general public to help them find and use the MBA’s many great public programs (such as LRS and MassLawHelp), and a few surprises, too!
New-member drive
The MBA has undertaken a substantial new membership drive for the first time in several years. If you know of non-members who are interested in joining, or if you are a non-member reading this column, now’s the time to join. Not only is Casemaker coming in the fall, but new members also will receive $50,000 in term life insurance free for six months.
If you need information about these benefits or about the many other advantages that MBA membership offers to you, watch your mail or call our membership service center.
Bylaws changes
I want to thank the thousands of members who took the time to read and seriously consider the proposed amendments to the bylaws. I am pleased to report that the bylaws have been amended consistent with the proposal you received. I am particularly proud to report that the membership overwhelmingly supported the initiatives designed to promote diversity both within our membership and within the profession as a whole. Look for the newly enacted bylaws on the MBA Web site.
e-Journal update
I also wanted to express our appreciation to those of you who have provided feedback to us on Lawyers e-Journal. We received many valuable suggestions on the format of this weekly communication, which led us to the current form of the weekly “e-mail alert.”
The alert now includes a complete list of the week’s headlines, a brief excerpt of the top two or three news items, and descriptions of several upcoming CLE programs. The complete Lawyers e-Journal is available only on the MBA Web site. You can access the e-Journal either from the e-mail alert or by clicking the e-Journal button on the MBA homepage.
We also are currently investigating ways to work with law firms that use security scanning systems to thwart viruses and other illegitimate forms of communication in an effort to ensure that our information gets to you. If you work for one of these law firms and are not receiving e-Journal and our other occasional e-mail messages as a result, ask your system administrator to call the MBA so we can resolve these issues together.

Finally, I wanted to tell you about the newest member of the MBA staff. Michelle Ivens joins us as Membership Marketing Coordinator. She comes to the MBA with a background in customer service, marketing and conference coordination. She will be coordinating various marketing efforts to our members, including all of our exciting new benefits coming this fall.

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