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Blumberg’s law-office software catalog available
The spring version of BlumbergExcelsior Law Office Software Catalog, a reference guide to a wide selection of law office software, has recently been released. The new catalog contains up-to-the-minute features on brand-name titles, as well as software developed exclusively by BlumbergExcelsior.
Programs include case management, accounting/timekeeping/billing, corporate, real estate, collection, electronic forms, document management, CLE training, certified mail and personal injury. The catalog’s more notable addition is the latest version of the Blankrupter bankruptcy software. For a copy of the new catalog, call (800) 221-2972, ext. 507.

CaseMap 4 to be released next month
CaseSoft, a division of DecisionQuest, will begin shipping its updated CaseMap 4 next month. Among the enhancements in this version are case-law integration, case exploration tools, a new interface and ease-of-use features. The new version delivers enhanced functionality for power users also.
CaseMap is litigation software that helps organize and explore your thinking about the facts, the cast of characters, and the issues in any case. CaseMap makes it easy to create custom fact chronologies, witness lists, document indexes, issue analyses, and many other types of reports about your case knowledge. Using CaseMap, multiple trial team members can simultaneously view and edit a case file stored on a firm’s network.
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