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SJC appoints new SJC-Trial Court Standing Committee On Dispute Resolution

The Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court last month appointed members of a newly constituted Supreme Judicial Court/Trial Court Standing Committee on Dispute Resolution.

Chairing the 13-member committee is Superior Court Judge John C. Cratsley, an MBA member who also served as chair of the former ADR Committee. The other members are judges and court employees from throughout the Trial Court as well as four non-court representatives.

Other committee members include attorney Beth Anne Wolfson, chair of the MBA's Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee, as well as MBA members Scott P. Moriearty of counsel at Bingham McCutchen, LLP; Superior Court Judge Stephen E. Neel; First Justice Gail L. Perlman, Hampshire Probate and Family Court; and Harvard Law School Professor Frank E. A. Sander.

The committee's first primary task will be to review proposed qualification standards for neutrals in court-connected ADR work and to complete a draft Rule 8 of the Uniform Rules on Dispute Resolution for review by the Supreme Judicial Court. The committee also will evaluate whether any other changes should be made in the existing ADR Rules, which have been in effect since 1999.

Judge Cratsley said, "The original goals of the Uniform Rules on Dispute Resolution - to improve access, to insure standards of quality and procedural fairness and to foster innovation - are as relevant today as they were when the SJC adopted the Uniform Rules three years ago. I look forward to working with the committee members in an effort to further the work that has been started."

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