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Casemaker makes research free and easy

As always, the MBA leadership and staff are constantly exploring and developing new benefits that will make your membership as valuable as possible.

I am very pleased to announce the coming addition of an exciting new member benefit – Massachusetts Casemaker. With Casemaker, the question of where to find legal resources on the Internet is over.
Massachusetts Casemaker is a web-based legal research library. Once online, it will make the information you need to do your work readily accessible through the MBA's Web site. Perhaps most importantly, this legal research tool will be available to you as a no-cost member service.
What does that mean? It means membership in the MBA will be your ticket to free, unlimited access to an extensive web-based legal research library!

Massachusetts Casemaker will have a comprehensive combination of state and federal materials. These will include cases and statutes, court rules, law review articles and lots more. In addition, a growing list of other states' research libraries also will be available to MBA members.

Connecticut, among others, is already offering Casemaker to its members. Other New England states are considering offering Casemaker too. With each additional state that decides to offer this benefit, the library will become increasingly valuable to you.

What I like most about Casemaker is that it makes searching easy. You can use natural English to formulate your inquiries. The advanced-search function even allows you to search using a Thesaurus function. So even if you only do research on occasion, you need not worry about forgetting how to do it. And for those of you who have mastered the Boolean search technique, Casemaker will search using that format as well. What's more, Casemaker will be updated constantly, so you will have timely access to the information you need.

This tool will not be available to our members until next fall. We expect it to take about nine months to complete development of the library and to make sure the system is reliable from the outset. So please bear with us. It will be well worth the wait!

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