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Radical roots

Art Johnson still fights the good fight in a post-
modern world

Immorality has never enjoyed much latitude around Art
Johnson. He's always tried to stamp it out anytime he
encounters it, by every means necessary. Whether that
meant being arrested side by side with Senator John
Kerry in a Vietnam War protest in 1971* or fighting
lower-profile yet equally important battles today,
Johnson remains a tireless social activist.

MBA to sponsor ’Conversations on Law & Liberty’

Members needed to lead discussions at local high schools
The Presidential Task Force on the Preservation of Rights, Liberties and Access to Justice, established by MBA President Carol A.G. DiMento in response to the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, is developing a program to hold volunteer-led discussions in Massachusetts high schools organized around topics related to terrorism and civil liberties.
These discussion sessions, to be titled "Conversations on Law & Liberty in Times of Crisis," are scheduled to kick off during the week of Sept. 9 at high schools throughout the commonwealth and continue throughout the school year.

Honors for service to community

In 1984, the Massachusetts Bar Association created
the Community Service Award and Public Service
Award Program to recognize attorneys and judges who
have made public service contributions to their
communities and to publicize the fact that members of
the legal profession are caring, involved individuals,
eager to use their legal skills for the public's
betterment. More than 145 Massachusetts lawyers and
judges have been presented with this prestigious
award over the last 18 years.
Recipients are nominated for the award by county and
other MBA-affiliated bar associations.

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