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July Book Briefs

Mastering the 2001 Tax Act "Estate Planning after the 2001 Tax Act: Guiding Your Clients through the Changes," written by Martin M. Shenkman, offers practitioners advice to enlighten clients, revise documents, amend procedures and manage the impact of these changes. This 388-page book offers user-friendly tips, cautionary highlights and sample clauses for quick information summaries and strategies for implementing planning changes. Published by Bloomberg Press, the hardcover book cost $60 and can be ordered by calling (888) 417-9597.
Rape and sexual coercion in America In "Sex Without Consent: Rape and Sexual Coercion in America," a broad-based history of rape and sexual coercion in the United States and Canada, editor Merril D. Smith has gathered together a group of essays that explore the experience, prosecution and meaning of rape in American history. Published by New York University press, "Sex Without Consent" puts the subject into an historical context. By exploring what rape meant in particular times and places in American history, from interracial encounters due to colonization and slavery to rape on contemporary college campuses, the book allows the reader an understanding of crime and punishment, as well as gender relations, gender roles and sexual politics. The 354-page book can be ordered by calling (212) 998-6844.
NITA publishes eyewitness testimony book Mistaken eyewitness identification is one of the main causes of erroneous conviction. Despite voir dire, suppression of motions, cross-examination, expert testimony and special judges' instructions, mistaken identifications still lead to false convictions. "Eyewitness Testimony: Challenging Your Opponent's Witness," by Brian L. Cutler, is a pocket-size guide that shows attorneys how to use scientific knowledge on eyewitness memory to more effectively challenge eyewitnesses in court. The cost of the book is $19.95. It can be ordered by calling (800) 225-6482 or visiting

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