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Mentor help is just a phone call away

When confronted with a legal issue you haven't previously faced, it's helpful to have an experienced attorney to turn to for advice. With the Massachusetts Bar Association Mentor Program, that attorney is just a phone call away.
When you call, you will be referred to a practitioner in the area of law you request. MBA mentors are experienced practitioners who are MBA members in good standing, have practiced law for more than seven years and have agreed to voluntarily advise other MBA attorneys on selected legal topics. The topics chosen by MBA mentors constitute 50 percent or more of their practice.
The mentor will consult with you by telephone for a reasonable amount of time. If your inquiry is more complex than can be handled through a brief telephone consultation, you and your mentor may come to a mutually acceptable financial arrangement, or you may call the program for an additional mentor referral.
In addition to being a great service to members, the Mentor Program also is a rewarding volunteer opportunity for MBA members. MBA members who volunteer as mentors help to promote professionalism and collegiality within the legal profession.
The MBA welcomes mentors in more than 150 areas of law. Currently, mentors are needed in the areas of Social Security/disability, bankruptcy, civil procedure, labor and employment termination, landlord/tenant, Medicare/Medicaid and workers' compensation.
The Mentor Program is a valuable opportunity for experienced attorneys to provide advice and direction to new attorneys as well as to experienced colleagues who may be handling a new area of law. To participate in this program or be referred to a mentor, call (617) 338-0691 or e-mail:
[e-mail mentor]

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