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Why you should join the LRS

Time constraints, financial pressures and job stress. With all the demands that come with a law practice, why add joining the MBA's Lawyer Referral Service?
Because you probably can't afford not to, regardless of the size of your practice or area of concentration.
If you are a solo or small-firm lawyer, the statewide LRS program is a valuable source of new referral business. When you consider that some attorneys spend tens of thousands of dollars to join referral programs tied to television and radio advertising, the investment of time and money required to join the LRS is barely perceptible. You join for a nominal yearly fee, but submitting your application costs you nothing, the referral costs you nothing, and the potential client pays you for a brief, initial consultation. You charge a fee for your work, and the benefits you receive from participating in the LRS are almost identical to those other attorneys pay thousands for - professionally screened referrals from a central source in your particular specialties. The potential for repeat business is unlimited.
Even for members of medium- to large-sized law firms, participating in the LRS provides the opportunity to build a client base and hone professional skills in your practice area. At the same time, you provide support to your bar association, supply a vital community service and network with colleagues.
People often hesitate to seek legal help because of their unfamiliarity with the law and the rights afforded to them. By participating in the LRS, you can help advance the profession by strengthening the public's confidence in the legal system. A successful lawyer referral service gives the public a place to turn in the face of uncertainty and access to justice that otherwise might be denied.
But to be successful, the LRS needs your participation. Your membership with the LRS assures the public that they will receive a definite level of legal experience and competence, and also rewards you professionally.
To join the LRS, call (617) 338-0556, e-mail [e-mail LRS] or log on to the Web site and download the application for completion at

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