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Job Shadow Day introduces students to the law

In keeping with the tradition of creating positive, educational public-service programming, the Massachusetts Bar Institute and the Massachusetts Bar Association's New Lawyer's Section will hold its fifth-annual Job Shadow/Law Career Day Program on April 10.
Job Shadow and Law Career Day fosters an appreciation for the importance of living in a society of laws, while giving students across the commonwealth a glimpse of careers within the legal field.
Although Job Shadow and Law Career Day share a common goal of educating youth about the practice of law, the two programs differ slightly in their approach.
Job Shadow focuses primarily on middle and high school-age Boys & Girls Club members, who see first-hand what attorneys do by accompanying them to their workplace. The program provides a one-on-one experience between attorneys and local youth from clubs located in Dorchester, Worcester and Springfield.
"The students participating in Job Shadow Day learn a great deal about the legal profession in a short time," said program participant Attorney Patrick Clendenen, former New Lawyer's Section Council chairman and current Civil Litigation Section Council member. "The efforts of the participating attorneys, law firms, judges and clerks demystify the practice of law, and the students learn about various career options available in law and the justice system."
While Job Shadow focuses on a one-on-one experience, Law Career Day utilizes entire law firms throughout the state to highlight careers available in a law office. Groups of students from local high schools will visit law offices across the commonwealth. The day's events will include brief presentations on the responsibilities of staff positions such as partners, law clerks, paralegals and office managers. Law Career Day activities culminate in an interactive exercise that may include a mock trial, deposition or client interview.
An active participant and organizer of this year's Law Career Day event, Amy Cashore, current New Lawyer's Section Council chairwoman, said the program allows students the opportunity to make informed decisions about a future in the legal profession. "Attorneys are able to give the participants the gift of seeing into the future," she said.
Job Shadow/Law Career Day is educational, productive and enriching for students and volunteering attorneys. MBA members who are interested in contributing to the success of Job Shadow/Law Career Day should call Job Shadow Coordinator Catherine Utrup at (617) 338-0563.

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