Lawyers Journal

New assignments and opportunities

We have recently undergone a small restructuring of staff assignments in an effort to further streamline our operations. I hope that most of these changes will be seamless from the perspective of the membership, so I will not detail every change. There are a few changes that may affect with whom you communicate, however, and I want to inform you of those.
Gwen Landford will replace Jean Stevens as my administrative assistant. So if you are trying to contact me and are having trouble reaching me, I know that Gwen will be happy to assist you. Gwen also will be assisting Martin Healy, Kristen Locke and the officers.
Jean Stevens will continue to be responsible for administrative support for the House of Delegates meetings. She also will be coordinating the internship program and assisting with various other section- and education-related activities.
You also may want to know that Jeanine Ferri and her responsibilities for membership recruitment, retention and benefits have been transferred to the Communications division. So Bill Weber will now be supervising Jeanine rather than Kristen Locke. The membership services group remains under Kristen's supervision.
Bar calendar
I am requesting your help on a project on which we are hard at work. In an effort to reduce the conflicts that some of you face when the various bar associations and law schools schedule events at the same time, we are making an effort to become a central clearinghouse for schedules for such events. Our goal is to develop and maintain a statewide calendar of major bar-related events to help us and other organizations around the state schedule events in a way that will reduce the number of conflicts for our respective members.
If you have a role in scheduling events, or if you know of events that you want us to include in our master schedule, please contact Jean Stevens in the Boston office or Pat Plasse in our Springfield office. The new calendar will be posted on our Web site ( by late spring.
Law tech
Are you a lawyer with a great deal of knowledge about and interest in information technology? Have you thought about getting involved in the MBA but never quite seen a role that fit your interests? WE WANT YOU! There are many projects, both internal to the MBA and representing the MBA in working with organizations seeking our assistance in this area. Please contact me and we will see if we can match your interests and our many needs in this area.
Lawyers Journal changes
You may notice two changes with this month's issue of Lawyers Journal. We have slightly increased the size of the type throughout the paper, so that articles more readable. And in order to make production of the paper more efficient and cost-effective, we have moved Section B ("Sidebar") into the center of the paper. It will continue to be produced as a pullout section that features the latest information on CLE courses and member benefits. You will find it in this issue beginning after page 4. I hope these changes help you get the most out of Lawyers Journal. Watch this column in coming months for further updates as we continue to improve our publications.

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