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House of Delegates approves MBA Bylaws and Joint Bar rules revisions

The Massachusetts Bar Association House of Delegates took action on House Bill No. 4840, an initiative amendment relative to the protection of marriage; revisions to the Joint Bar Committee Rules; and revisions to MBA Bylaws at its April 3 meeting, held at the Worcester Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The House of Delegates voted to:

  • approve the slate of nominees for officer and regional delegate positions to the 2002-2003 House of Delegates;
  • grant a waiver or eligibility to Roy A. Hammer to serve an additional term as a delegate to the ABA House of Delegates;
  • approve the following delegates to the ABA House of Delegates for the period of 2002-2004: Roy A. Hammer, James A. Dilday, Joseph P.J. Vrabel and Amy C. Cashore (YLD Delegate);
  • support filing of legislation that would enable the court to appoint counsel before imposition of a jail sentence;
  • support filing of legislation to amend M.G.L. to require that a defendant is served with a Plaintiff’s Affidavit when served with either an Abuse Protection Order or a Domestic Relations Protective Order;
  • oppose in principle House Bill N. 4840, an initiative amendment relative to the protection of marriage;
  • support the Massachusetts Principal and Interest Act;
  • oppose H. 4654, "An Act Prohibiting Certain Persons from Employment by Human and Social Services Agencies";
  • adopt revisions to the Joint Bar Committee Rules and to remit to the Boston Bar Association for ratification;
  • adopt revisions to the Massachusetts Bar Association Bylaws and to send to MBA members for approval;
For information on any of the above proposed legislation, including copies of bills, call Lee Iannacchino, MBA legislative coordinator, at (617) 338-0692. For any other House of Delegates questions, call Gwen Landford, executive assistant at (617) 338-0694.
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