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Practice groups gear up for the 2002-2003 MBA year

The MBA has named the chairs and vice chairs of most section practice groups for the 2002-2003 year.

Practice groups focus on a particular area of the wide range of specialties in which members work. They are an excellent way for attorneys to offer ideas and raise issues MBA sections need to hear. They also introduce lawyers to other lawyers who work in related specialties.

Discussions at practice group meetings focus on hot topics and areas of change within the specialization. From time to time, guest speakers provide updates and mini-presentations. Most programs are held at the MBA headquarters in Boston.

Members are invited to participate in the practice groups under each section of the MBA free of charge. For more information or to sign up for a practice group, e-mail [e-mail membership] or call (617) 338-0530.


Business Law Practice Groups

Torts Practice Group Kurt L. Binder, chair
Morrison Mahoney & Miller, Worcester.

High Technology Practice Group Stephen Y. Chow, chair
Perkins, Smith & Cohen, LLP, Boston.

Small Business Practice Group Susan R. Finneran, chair
New England School of Law, Boston.

Bankruptcy Law Practice Group Jonathan R. Goldsmith, chair
Law Office of Jonathan R. Goldsmith, Springfield.

Jonathan D. Yellin, vice chair
Riemer & Braunstein LLP, Boston.

In-House Counsel Practice Group Claude G. Lancome, chair
Coast & Harbor Assoc., Inc., Lynnfield.

Closely-Held Minority Shareholders Denzil D. McKenzie, chair
McKenzie Associates, PC, Boston.

Securities Regulations Practice Group Thomas Nicholson, chair
Finneran and Nicholson, PC, Newburyport.

Grover S. Parnell, vice chair
Finneran & Nicholson, PC, Boston.

Criminal Justice Practice Groups
Corrections & Sentencing Practice Group Bruce T. Macdonald, chair

Defense Lawyers Practice Group Carol Ann Starkey, chair
Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal et al, West Roxbury.

Federal Practice Practice Group Walter H. Underhill, chair
Law Office of Walter H Underhill, Andover.

Civil Litigation Practice Groups
Workmen's Compensation Practice Group Bruce S. Lipsey, chair
Spillane & Epstein, PC, Hanover.

Family Law Practice Groups
Legislation Practice Group Fern L. Frolin, co-chair
Sooho & Frolin, LLP, Newton.

Elaine Gordon, co-chair
Law Office of Elaine Gordon, Worcester.

Children's Rights Practice Group Michelle L. Griffin, chair
Children's Law Center of MA Inc., Lynn.

Individual Rights & Responsibilities Practice Groups
Mental Health Practice Group Michael D. Cutler, chair
Center For Public Representation, Newton.

Children's Rights Practice Group Michelle L. Griffin, co-chair
Children's Law Center of MA Inc., Lynn.

Carol Rosensweig, co-chair

Disabilities Law Practice Group Henry Alan Korman, chair
The Community Builders, Inc., Boston.

Civil Liberties Practice Group Ann K. Lambert, chair
American Civil Liberties Union-MA, Boston.

Police Misconduct Practice Group John Reinstein, chair
American Civil Liberties Union-MA, Boston.

Labor and Employment Practice Groups
ADR Practice Group John B. Cochran, chair

Labor & Collective Bargaining Practice Group Tod A. Cochran, chair
SEIU Local 509, Cambridge.

Employees Rights & Responsibilities Practice Group James F. Rogers, II, chair

Probate Law Practice Groups
Probate Litigation Practice Group Brian D. Bixby, chair
Burns & Levinson LLP, Boston.

Estate Planning Practice Group Kelly M. Quigley, chair
Hinckley Allen & Snyder LLP, Boston.

Public Law Practice Groups
Municipal Law Practice Group Gary S. Brackett, chair
Brackett & Lucas, Worcester.

Government Law Practice Group Charles F. Grimes, chair
Essex County DA's Office-Salem.

Construction and Public Contracts Practice Group Steven Anthony Torres, chair
City of Taunton-City Hall, Taunton.

Taxation Law Practice Groups
ERISA Practice Group Ari Joseph Sonneberg, chair

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