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Fathers, sons and daughters in practice together brings new meaning to the notion of ‘family law’

After working in banking and politics, Martha Bagley announced one night at the dinner table that she wanted to be an attorney.
Her father, Atty. Ralph Bagley of Winthrop, was pleased that one of his children, the youngest of four, wanted to enter the field.

MBA’s new president is ready to make a splash with education, outreach efforts

Throughout his boyhood, Joe Vrabel accepted his Red Sox loyalties as a birthright. As a collegian in Illinois, he became enamored with the Cubs, whose long-struggling nature soothed his homesickness. Today, shackled with a dual rooting interest he calls, “the worst of all possible worlds,” Vrabel remains unequivocally guilty of backing the wrong baseball horse. In both leagues. Fortunately, he’s in a league of his own in his fitness to serve as the MBA’s new president.

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