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MBA welcomes new members

David Abramowitz of Goulston Storrs PC
Leland J. Adams, Jr. of Leland J. Adams, Jr. P.C.
C Christopher Alberti of Taconic Alliance Group, LLC
John R. Auchter
Claudia A. Baio of Law Offices of Baio & Associates, P.C.
Charles Ball of Abe & Matsutome
Dianne M. Barry of Land Mark Health Solutions
Craig R. Bartolomei
Bruce R. Beard
Andrew DiCarlo Berman of Boyle Morrisey & Campo PC
John A. Bernardo
Paul Bernstein of Law Office of Paul Bernstein
Pavel Bespalko
Brian W. Blaesser of Robinson & Cole LLP
Patrick R. Boland
Daniel S. Braese of Braese & Colli, PC
Laurel E. Bretta of Laurel Bretta, Attorney At Law
Stephen David Brook of Bingham McCutchen LLP
Scott T. Buckley
Christine Burke of Partridge, Snow & Hahn LLP
Cathleen E. Campbell
H. Bissell Carey, II of Robinson & Cole LLP
Daniel J. Carragher of Day Berry & Howard LLP
Tyler Erie Chapman of Todd & Weld LLP
Paul M. Cimino of Parametric Technology Corp
Timothy A. Clarke of Fleet Capital Corp.
Martin Cohen of American Tower Corporation
Steven J. Conway of Maselan & Jones PC
James D. Corbo of James D. Corbo, Attorney at Law
Michael Costa
Diana I. Cramer of Law Office of Dennis E McHugh
Daniel S. Crocker of Partridge, Snow & Hahn LLP
Judith F. Cropper of Russell & Bernard
Ann V. Crowley
Jodie Jean Dalton of Foley & Lardner
Patricia A. Davis of Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.
Amato A. DeLuca of DeLuca & Weizenbaum, LTD
Jacques A. Dessin of Dessin & Associates-Counsellor at Law
Edward L. Donnellan of Keyes & Donnellan PC
Sarah T. Dowling of Adler Pollock & Sheehan PC
Anthony P. Doyle of Barry & Doyle
Geoffrey DuBosque
Sandra L. Dupuy of Law Office Of Sandra L Dupuy
Cynthia J. Edwards of Law Office of Edward F Wallace
Christina Paulter Elzeneiny of Nat’l Labor Relations Board
Thomas C. Farrell of Simplex Grinnell
Anne M. Fay of Coogan,Smith, etal
Steven E. Parker Feld
James J. Finn, III of Bicknell & Smith
Mark Folino of Mark L. Folino-Attorney at Law P.C.
Theda Braddock Fowler of Owens Davies, P.S.
John Charles Fraser of Fraser Law Office
James F. Freeley, III
Michael Gagnon of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
Robert E. Galvin of Galvin & Galvin
Timothy B. Gassert
Maureen Gemma of Gelfuso & Lachut
Daniel S. Gindes of Law Office of Daniel Gindes
Seth Brian Goldsmith
Francisco Gonzalez-Palacio of Gonzalez & Levin
Peter F. Granoff of Riemer & Braunstein LLP
Harry M. Grossman of Executive Office for Admin. and Finance
James W. Hackett, Jr. of Choate Hall & Stewart
Louise Anne Handler of Day Berry & Howard LLP
Karen Bradshaw Haron
Walter Joseph Hayes, Jr. of Law office of Jay M Lipis
Beth A. Heath of Bloom & Rosenfield
William E. Hilton of Samuels Gauthier & Stevens LLP
Christopher D. Holland of Darwin Partners, Inc
Earl Howard
Lee A. Howard of Lee A. Howard ESQ.
Michael F. Jones
Hugh Jurkiewicz of Sun Life Financial Services
Maritza Karmely of Todd & Weld LLP
John D. Keenan of Law Offices of John D. Keenan, Esq.
Catherine A. Keyes of Safe Care Systems, LLC
Peter E. Knox of Law Office of Peter E. Knox
Mark J. Kolber of Harland
Jonas Kron
Gerard R. LaFlamme, Jr. of LaFlamme Migliori Barron & Chabot
Grace H. Lee of Morgan, Brown & Joy, LLP
Monica Lewis of Fidelity Investments
Laura Liswood
Jeffrey R. Luber of Kaon Interactive Inc.
Lisa Luchetti
Joseph B. Lutz
Charles Keane Lyons of Lyons & Procida
Christopher K. Mahoney of Western Mass Legal Services-Springfield
Alfred I. Maleson of Suffolk University Law School
John B. Manning of Cooley, Manion & Jones, LLP
Lisa Margaret Martinelli of Partridge, Snow & Hahn LLP
John Edward McCabe
John Joseph McDonnell of Comm. of Mass. Exec. Office of Transportation
Joseph D. McGlinchey, II of Joseph D. McGlinchey- Attorney at law
Mary E. McNally
John J. McNamara of Domestico, Lane & McNamara
Judith A. Miller of Attardo & Miller
Gregory G. Mitrakas of Law Office of Greg Mitrakas
Richard L. Moffitt
Timothy J. Murphy of Michael T. Stella Sr, P.C.
Daniel P. Neelon of Wayne, Richard & Hurwitz ,LLP
Richelle Antoine Nessralla of Hill & Barlow PC
Laura A. Nicholson
Edward J. O’Brien of O’Donnell, Trossello & O’Brien
Christine L. O’Hurley
Briana Kirsten O’Regan
Patricia A. Pap of Management Information Exchange
Brian R. Pariser of Dept of Social Services
Sarah K. Peake of Sarah K. Peake-Attorney at Law
V. Jean Petralia
Peter M. Phillipes of Robinson & Cole LLP
Susan Conlon Phillips of Conlon & Phillips
Sheri Pizzi of Taylor, Duane, Barton & Gilman
Steven D. Power of Erb & Erb
Therese E. Quijano of Marcus, Errico, Emmer & Brooks PC
Jane E. Remillard of Lahive & Cockfield, LLP
Peter D. Ruggiero
Elizabeth C. Sackett of Robinson & Cole LLP
Paul William Scannell of Scannell Lynn & DeRossi
Abby Bradford Schmidt of Palmer & Dodge LLP
Jill C. Shariff of First American Title Insurance Co
Lawrence M. Slater of Slater & Shub, LLP
Joan C. Steiger of Martin, Downey & Steiger
Thea A. Stewart of Thea A. Stewart - Attorney at Law
Nicole Duca Sullivan of Homan & Sullivan PC
John L. Sullivan, III of House of Representatives
Salim Rodriguez Tabit of Broadhurst Lakin & Lakin
John E. Tener of Robinson & Cole LLP
Kristin D. Thompson of Mirick, O’Connell, DeMallie & Lougee, LLP
Girard R. Visconti of Visconti & Boren LTD.
Joseph J. Walsh of Sloane & Walsh, LLP
Kenneth G. Warren, Jr.
Alfred W. Wasson
Sidney Weinberg
Tracy L. Whitley of McDermott Will & Emery
Gerald F. Williamson
J. Michael Wirvin of Robinson & Cole LLP

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