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Online CLE Highlights for September/October

Don't let a busy schedule prevent you from staying current on important topics - from the latest in civil litigation techniques to what's new in criminal liability for corporations.

Through the MBA's distance-learning partner, LegalSpan, you can choose from a wide range of seminars geared toward providing the essentials of a specific topic. Sign up at:

Here are some of the courses being offered about ethics:

•  E-mail Breakdowns and Misuse of Personal Information Online: The Internet easily creates as many problems as opportunities for attorneys and their clients. Not only are there issues facing their business clients but also serious concerns about how today's law practice should be run to assure privacy, confidentiality and due diligence. When to delete electronic correspondence and how best to do it? Whether or not to trust e-mail correspondence as a way to communicate with the client? How can you store such information in a secure yet accessible manner?

•  Ethical Issues and Standards for Inside Counsel // Implementing a Successful Diversity Program: This seminar will briefly address the history of the ethical rules applicable to the corporate attorney and then set forth the various conflicts and competing interests that the corporate attorney may encounter today.

•  Ethics for Solo and Small Firm Practitioners: Learn how to avoid ethical traps and pitfalls for the solo and small firm practitioner. This course will teach you how to handle conflicts, how to avoid client complaints and malpractice, how to maintain client trust accounts, and other ethical concerns. Any one of these tips can save you hours of grief!

•  Negotiation Ethics - Winning Without Selling Your Soul: A panel discussion in which experts from legal, business and political arenas address a variety of ethical issues that arise in negotiation settings.

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