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New benefit brings case and finance management tools to firms of all sizes

The Massachusetts Bar Association is pleased to announce a new member benefit partnership with Client Profiles that offers law firms of all sizes an ideal solution to their need for electronic case and financial management.

Based on more than 16 years of input from 1,000 law practices, Client Profiles delivers innovation customized for law firm needs. Quite simply, Client Profiles has the most adaptable, easy-to-use, revolutionary case and financial management system available in the marketplace today.

Since 1987, Client Profiles has been providing a fully integrated case and financial management system that uses one database and one user interface to meet your firm's and your clients' needs.

Client Profiles is small enough to focus on your needs, big enough to meet them and innovative enough to anticipate them. Client Profiles is now the single "go to" company for law firms, providing complete professional software, networking and professional services. Client Profiles boasts a staff of 43 legal technology experts and installations in 26 states.

"The MBA entered into this partnership because of Client Profiles' proven track record, the product's ease of use, their focus on technology for small to mid-sized firms, and their very special pricing options for MBA members," said Jeanine Barlow, MBA Membership Marketing Manager. "As we continue to look for tools that help our members improve their business practices, save time and money, and plan for growth and greater efficiency, Client Profiles is a major addition to our Legal Tech Toolbox."

A system - not just software

Client Profiles provides true integration by implementing a complete solution supported by a full range of professional services - pre-installation planning, data conversion, software, network configuration, installation, on-site training, managed onsite support; software maintenance updates and help desk assistance.

Client Profiles is proud to offer the unique combination of industry leading software and the professional services to support all of your technology needs.

Learn about what a new case management system can do for you and your practice. On the MBA Web site, click on

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