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Casemaker: Major library improvements for 2006

Enhanced for 2006, the Casemaker Online Law library has planned several major library improvements in direct response to feedback from members using the product. They include:

SuperCODE -- The SuperCODE feature has been activated in the U.S. and Massachusetts Code. This handy tool automatically displays a listing of all session laws that have been enacted since the Legislature's last unification of the code.

Because amendments, repeals and new statutory laws are not codified by the government for some time, the SuperCODE system allows users to see statutes as they were last codified on the large screen on the left. Enacted session laws that affect the last codified versions are listed in the smaller screen on the right. L

Casemaker Version 2.0. Ñ Casemaker is working on a complete site redesign that will go live this fall. When members enter Casemaker through, the Massachusetts library will automatically load, allowing quick access directly to state materials. Members will be able to access other state libraries and resources through addition pull-down menus located along the navigation bar. A new multiple book search option will also be available.

Additional functionality that will go live before the launch of the new site includes:

  • Pull-down menu allowing members to search by circuit in the Federal Library;
  • Ability to search by federal citation;
  • Decision summaries on the results screen;
  • Updated currency pages; and
  • Links to a variety of state specific and federal forms.

Additional state statutes Ñ Casemaker is adding statutes from states that currently do not participate in the Casemaker Consortium of Bar Associations. Delaware, Florida and Virginia codes are now online.

Access to ABA printed materials Ñ Bryan Kay, director of ABA Publishing, appeared at the NABE mid-winter meeting to announce its newly formed partnership with Casemaker Print Publishing. All ABA print (non-CLE) books will soon be available on the Casemaker Web site. The books may be purchased in their entirety or on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

Hein Online Library -- The Hein Online Ohio library is up and running on Casemaker. Access is available to all Casemaker members on a free trial basis until May 1, 2006. In addition to the Ohio-specific law reviews, the library contains some of the most-cited law reviews in the country and the top 30 law journals from schools such as Harvard, Columbia, Yale and Duke. The Federal Library includes the Federal Register from its inception in 1936 as well as a weekly compilation of presidential documents and more. Access to Hein Online is available through the Ohio library.

The Casemaker Consortium now includes 24 states serving more than 438,000 American lawyers.

Member feedback -- In response to member requests, these new library features and functionality have been added to Casemaker. Active users are encouraged to contact [e-mail membership] with any comments, suggestions and additions useful to you in your daily research.

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