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MBA Community Service Awards

The pictures on this page are of some of the attorneys who have received the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Community Service Award during the past year. Immediate Past President Mark D Mason presented the award to attorneys who have performed acts of outstanding public service within their community.

The MBA invites all of the MBA Affiliated Bar Associations to participate in the Community Service Award Program. The nominee must be a member in good standing of the nominating bar association and the MBA, and in good legal standing as an attorney.

Nominations must be approved by the MBA Executive Management Board at its meetings. The following dates are deadlines for the submission of a nomination form: Friday, Oct. 12; Friday, Nov. 23; Friday, Jan. 25; Friday, March 28; Friday, June 13; and Friday, Aug. 8.

For a nomination form and list of nomination criteria and procedures, or for more information, contact Bar Services Liaison Pat Plasse at (617) 338-0596 or [e-mail pplasse].

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