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New Casemaker resource available through the MBA

The MBA’s comprehensive legal research database, Casemaker, will be expanding its product offerings for Massachusetts lawyers and law students. Casemaker 2.1 will be released in the near future, and a beta version is currently available for MBA members to try on

Webinars, covering general searching and Massachusetts searching in Casemaker 2.1, can also be accessed through the beta version of Casemaker 2.1.

Casemaker 2.1 will feature substantial improvements over Casemaker 2.0, the prevailing version of the software. Casemaker 2.1 will have a completely new interface and breadcrumb navigation, but will retain the user-friendly nature of its search functions. CaseCheck will be expanded to include results from all 50 states.

Completely new to Casemaker 2.1 will be the "CaseKnowledge" function, which will retrieve any continuing legal education, American Bar Association or state publications related to your search results.

Updates on Casemaker products will be made available on the MBA Web site,, as well as in its publications, Lawyers Journal and Lawyers e-Journal.

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