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Attorneys urged to respond to SJC’s Judicial Performance Evaluation survey

The Supreme Judicial Court’s Judicial Performance Evaluation Committee is asking attorneys to respond to questionnaires evaluating the performance of Trial Court judges in Massachusetts.
The full participation of the bar is crucial to enhancing the performance and quality of the judicial branch.

The survey began in mid-February. Judges of the Boston Municipal, District, Probate and Family, Housing and Juvenile Courts in Suffolk County will be evaluated by attorneys, court employees and jurors.

Attorneys should take the time to complete the questionnaire, as the more responses received, the more accurate the judicial evaluations will be. The SJC’s evaluation program is the best opportunity for attorneys to voice their opinions of the members of the judiciary.

Attorneys who have appeared repeatedly in these courts in the last two years, according to computerized court records, will receive questionnaires. Attorneys will either receive a copy of the questionnaire in the mail, or if their e-mail address is on file, an e-mail will be sent instructing them to log in to the program’s Web site to complete the evaluation online.

As required by statute, the evaluations are confidential and anonymous. The results will be transmitted to the judge, the chief justice of his/her court department, the chief justice of the Supreme Judicial Court and the chief justice of Administration and Management.
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