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CaseMaker 2.1: “Make Your Case with Legal Research Through the MBA”

The Massachusetts Bar Association is the exclusive Massachusetts provider of Casemaker, a fulsome online legal research product available free to MBA members. If you’re an MBA member, and you’re not using Casemaker, you’re missing out on a way to increase your efficiency and significantly reduce your overhead.

Casemaker includes not only Massachusetts resources (caselaw, statutes and regulations plus additional special materials), but also provides users access to caselaw and statutes for all 50 states and the federal system. Casemaker has a new product, CaseCheck, and includes SuperCode, a tool for providing updates on the currency of statutes. These features are available in all of the state databases and the federal database.

The recently released Casemaker 2.1 replaces earlier versions and offers several new features, including new breadcrumb navigation, which makes for a smoother site interface.
Live training webinars are available through the “Live Training” link at the MBA’s Casemaker homepage,

For non-MBA members, a Casemaker 2.1 demo is available at:

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