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How to use the MBA Uniform Probate Code forum


You must register and accept an agreement that affirms that there is no liability by any participant. By accepting the agreement, participants acknowledge and waive any claims with respect to the information provided.TO REGISTER

  1. Go to site:
  2. Click "For Attorneys" in left margin.
  3. Then "Resources."
  4. Then "Uniform Probate Code."
  5. Then "Terms of Use." - You must check the box indicating your acceptance of terms and then will be admitted to the UPC forum.TO USE THE FORUM

After you have registered, you can go directly to the forum at any time.

  1. Go to site:
  2. Click "Forums" at top of page.
  3. Log in (your MBA number, plus your own personal code).
  4. There are a number of forums - click "Uniform Probate Code" - this puts you into the UPC forum. You can look at any posted question and response.
  5. To post a question, "Add Topic."
  6. To post a response, "Add Reply. 

There is no commitment to use, post questions or replies. The service is to provide practical information to attorneys, saving time and research.

The MBA Web site includes a forum for questions and answers on the UPC. Members can post questions, responses and dialogue on UPC law, forms, procedure, etc. Experienced probate and fiduciary attorneys have volunteered to read questions and post responses. The service is free.
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