Lawyers Journal

Introducing the New Lawyers Journal

Through a comprehensive redesign process, the MBA Communications Department, with the help of valuable member feedback, has worked to improve The MBA Communications Department is interested in continued feedback on the newspaper's new look and feel. Member feedback and article ideas can be forwarded to Lawyers Journal. The new and improved format aims to make the monthly publication more interesting, useful, attractive and better organized. [e-mail lawjournal].

Lawyers Journal Editor Bill Archambeault extends special thanks to the Lawyers Journal redesign focus group for their thoughtful input during this process. Members include:

Christa A. Arcos
Assistant Clerk, Massachusetts Appeals Court, Boston

Peter T. Elikann
Law Office of Peter T. Elikann, Boston

N. John Magrisso
Law Office of N. John Magrisso, Quincy

Kathleen A. Malone
Colucci Norman LLP, Beverly

Hon. James F. McHugh
Associate Justice, Massachusetts Appeals Court, Boston

David A. Parke
Bulkley, Richardson and Gelinas LLP, Springfield

Julie A. Rougeau
The Law Office of Julie A. Rougeau, Franklin

N. Elyse Lindahl
Senior Design Manager

Erica Mena-Landry
Periodicals Production Editor

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