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Follow Mock Trial results in March on the Web

More than 100 high schools statewide are participating in the MBA's 25th Annual High School Mock Trial Program, which began in January and selects a state champion on March 26.

To see the most up-to-date results, go to the championship bracket on the MBA's Mock Trial Web site at

Regional winners will be decided during the Sweet Sixteen week of March 8. From there, teams will advance to the Elite Eight during the week of March 15, and then Final Four trials will be held simultaneously in Boston and Worcester on March 22. The two finalists will compete for the state championship on March 26 at 10 a.m. in the Great Hall of Faneuil Hall in Boston.

Last year, Maimonides School of Brookline won the state championship and placed 20th in the national tournament.

If you are interested in attending the Mock Trial Finals at Faneuil Hall, confirm your attendance, including the number of attendees, no later than Friday, March 19, via e-mail at [e-mail mocktrial] or by phone at (617) 338-0570.

The program, which began in 1985, is pleased to be celebrating its 25th anniversary. More than 1,000 students across the state began preparing in November, turning their classrooms into courtrooms and assuming the roles of both witnesses and lawyers. And more than 100 lawyers from communities around the state picked up gavels to preside over the mock trials as judges, while others volunteered as coaches for the students.

This year's teams are trying a civil case in which the plaintiff suffers a substantial financial loss after investing her/his daughter's college funds with a financial advisor at a brokerage firm. The case focuses on whether the firm, and/or the advisor, are responsible for those losses. This case gives participants an opportunity to learn about the importance of decision making in the investment of personal funds and a glimpse of the potential for pitfalls with risky investments.

The Mock Trial Program is administered by the MBA, and made possible by the international law firm of Brown Rudnick LLP through its Center for the Public Interest in Boston, which has contributed $25,000 per year to the program since 1998.

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