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Protect data stored on mobile devices with a wiping program

According to one published survey, theft of off-line equipment, such as laptops, PDAs and thumb drives, leads to as much as 70 percent of data security breaches. PDAs are especially attractive targets for thieves because of their small size and value. If you use a PDA and find that you must store confidential data on it, consider protecting that data with a wiping program.

Wiping programs allow PDA owners to remotely wipe all data from a PDA in the event that the device is stolen or lost, and are often included in device security packages offered by service providers.

For example, for less than $50 a year, BlackBerry users can subscribe to SmrtGuard's Data and Device Security package, which provides -- among other security features -- remote data wiping capabilities. Similar services, such as those offered through Absolute Software's LoJack for Laptops, are also available for laptops.

Losing expensive equipment to theft is bad enough - prevent theft from leading to compromised data security by using a wiping program.

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