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Campbell presents priorities 
at initial 2011-12 HOD meeting

On Sept. 22, the Massachusetts Bar Association's House of Delegates convened for the first time for the association year. The group, which met at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, will hold its remaining four meetings for the 2011-12 association year at the university's other campuses across the state.

Anthony J. Garro, the UMass Dartmouth provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, was the meeting's guest speaker and devoted a portion of his remarks to the progress of the recently established UMass School of Law, the state's first public law school.

A second guest speaker, Probate and Family Court Chief Justice Paula M. Carey, shared a sobering snapshot of her department's lean operations given the reality of the court system's continually slashed funding, as well as the "massive change" in probate law to come with the January 2012 enactment of the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code.

MBA President Richard P. Campbell focused his report on the association's three goals for the year:

  • Public awareness on the grave consequences to the rule of law from underfunding the justice system;
  • Direct engagement in the many issues facing our commonwealth's gateway cities; and
  • The evaluation of the ongoing relevancy of law schools.

The new members of the association's Executive Management Board were voted on and approved. Walter Costello, Gavin Reardon and Christopher Sullivan were elected to three-year terms, while Scott Peterson was elected to a one-year term to fill the vacancy created by Robert Harnais' ascension to MBA secretary. Also, Thomas Barbar, Christopher Kenney, Radha Natarajan and Gloria Tan were elected for one-year terms.

Although HOD delayed a vote on the presented resolution on Mandatory Continuing Legal Education until the January meeting, a task force will be formed to dissect the issue further and develop recommendations. Likewise, a vote on the resolution to support, in principle, legislation to establish a mandatory mediation procedure prior to foreclosure, was postponed until its Nov. 10 meeting at UMass Amherst.

A special tribute to MBA immediate Past President Denise Squillante was also part of the September meeting. Campbell and his fellow officers personally gifted a portrait of the past president, who led the MBA through its successful centennial anniversary celebration. Carey also offered Squillante congratulations

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