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Want to expand your client base? Use the Lawyer Referral Service

The MBA's Lawyer Referral Service is one of the largest referral services of its kind, receiving more than 25,000 calls each year for its members throughout the state. Joining the LRS offers you the opportunity to expand your client base. We invite you to join now and invest in your professional future.

As an MBA member, you can participate in this program by completing an application form, which can be sent to you upon request. The cost of joining the LRS is either $100 or $150, depending on how long you have been admitted to practice. Just one LRS referral can cover the cost of your annual membership in both the MBA and LRS.

Over the past few years, the LRS has expanded its statewide marketing to include:

  • Development of radio campaigns;
  • Marketing on the Internet via Google and social media;
  • Newly designed advertising in the Metro newspaper; and
  • MBTA trains, buses and subway platforms.

To learn more about the LRS, call (617) 338-0556 or contact us at [e-mail lrs]. You can also access the LRS application at

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