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Member Appreciation Reception

The Massachusetts Bar Association hosted its second 2011-12 association year Member Appreciation Reception on Jan. 26 at Lombardo's in Randolph.

More than 50 members enjoyed hors d'oeuvres while networking, after the "How to Start and Run a Successful Solo or Small-Firm Practice" Conference.

'How to Start and Run' conference helps solo lawyers

Lawyers who either want to -- or are being forced to -- go into business on their own received comprehensive advice from nearly a dozen panelists during the daylong How to Start and Run a Successful Solo or Small-Firm Practice conference at Lombardo's in Randolph on 
Jan. 26.

The conference's sessions were divided into the topic areas: "The Mechanics of Setting up Your Firm," "The Mechanics of Running Your Firm," "The Essentials of Marketing" and "Putting it All Together."

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