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Get started on My Bar Access: It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

MBA members are encouraged to set up their profiles on My Bar Access to begin using the association's latest online member benefit to enhance online interaction with peers.

The Massachusetts Bar Association in December launched this online community exclusive to MBA members, replacing the former Section/Division portion of the MBA website. The growing number of members who have taken simple steps to set up profiles and use the tool have provided positive feedback on the ease of using My Bar Access.

Discussions (also known as listservs) and blogs are the most popular features among current users, but MBA members can also benefit from using resource libraries and announcements to share practical information.

To streamline the process getting started on My Bar Access, member profiles can be populated by pulling in work experience and biographical information from individuals' LinkedIn profiles.

The following simple steps can instantly connect users with fellow members at

  1. Login and agree to terms: Sign in using your MBA user name and password and sign the Code of Conduct.
  2. Create your profile and settings: Include your bio and photo and customize the frequency and format of your notifications (your profile info from LinkedIn may be pulled over).
  3. Start connecting: Post blogs, discussions (listservs) or upload a resource library entry for your section(s).

Helpful materials, including "Getting Started on My Bar Access" and "How to Use My Bar Access," which are posted in the Resource Center and in various areas throughout the site, can help users with questions. Following a review of those resources, members who need further help should contact the My Bar Access Help Desk by e-mailing [e-mail mybaraccess].

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