Massachusetts Bar Institute

The Massachusetts Bar Institute, founded in 1995 as a charitable not-for-profit organization, operates exclusively for the benefit and purposes of the Massachusetts Bar Association. A key directive of the MBI is the development of educational programs through the Office of Continuing Legal Education, which is committed to the preparation and presentation of quality professional development programs on topics of interest and concern to the members of the bar.

MBI's success results from the adherence to high standards of excellence for the content and faculty of its legal education programs. Working closely with MBA sections, the MBI produces more than 100 continuing legal education programs each year. These seminars, luncheon roundtables, forums and conferences focus on recent cases, new legislation, emerging legal trends, new rules of practice and procedure, and issues of law practice management. We welcome your comments on our programs and products, as well as input on program topics and suggested faculty.

To comment on an MBA-CLE program or service, or to suggest an offering, contact the Continuing Legal Education manager. The MBA encourages participation by members of the bar, and especially sections of the bar, in preparing and implementing continuing legal education programs. To this end, the policies defined below were prepared to aid anyone who wishes to assist the MBA in developing a particular continuing legal education program.

  1. MBA-CLE is the designated agency to administer and coordinate continuing legal education programs to the MBA membership at large and is dedicated to being responsive to the needs and interests of the members of the MBA who desire legal education.
  2. All members of the MBA and its sections are encouraged to submit proposals on seminars that they feel would be of interest to and benefit MBA members. New seminar concepts should be submitted to the MBA-CLE office. Submissions can also be directed to a section chair or the section education coordinator designated for each section. Proposals should be submitted in writing, ideally in the form of the program description form available through the MBA-CLE office.
  3. When planning all seminars, the MBA-CLE office and/or section chair will draw upon the expertise and shared knowledge of the members of the other committees and sections of the MBA but will retain control over the determination of the content and faculty of any seminars.
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