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Attorney-Conducted Panel Voir Dire Demonstration


Date Aired: Wednesday, April 27, 2022
Runtime: 2:00h

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Confronting Implicit and Explicit Bias

Hear from experienced practitioners and watch a live demonstration of how to conduct a panel voir dire examination of prospective jurors in a civil and criminal case where race, gender orientation, gender identity, or religion is an issue. This program will offer strategies to address both explicit and implicit bias in conversations with clients, juries and the courts.

Panelists provided their insights into the following:

  • Addressing and litigating race in the courtroom 
  • Methods and strategies on how to effectively recognize and respond when a potential juror holds a bias against you or your client 
  • Benefits of conducting a panel voir dire 
  • Fundamentals you need to understand when filing a motion for an attorney-conducted panel voir dire
  • Strategies for creating fact-driven questions for panel voir dire


Thomas M. Bond, Esq., Massachusetts Bar Association President
The Kaplan/Bond Group, Boston
Shayla Mombeleur, Esq., Program co-chair
MBA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-Chair, CPCS-Boston
Marc A. Diller, Esq., Program Co-chair
Diller Law LLP, Boston
Hon. Peter B. Krupp, Panelist
Massachusetts Superior Court
Hon. James G. Reardon, Panelist
Massachusetts Superior Court
Hon. Valerie A. Yarashus, Panelist
Massachusetts Superior Court
Adrian Angus, Esq., Panelist
CPCS-Worcester, Worcester
Connor Barusch, Esq. (he/they), Panelist
CPCS-Mental Health Panel, Boston
Patrick Driscoll, Esq., Panelist
Boyle | Shaughnessy Law P.C.-Boston, Boston
Mark Tan Lee, Esq., Panelist
Suffolk County DA's Office, Boston
Geoffrey E. Spofford, Esq., Panelist
Lian Zarrow Attorneys, Worcester

Sponsoring Sections:

Civil Rights & Social Justice Section
Judicial Administration Section
Civil Litigation Section

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