State FY16 Budget Update

Thursday, Jul. 9, 2015
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The Massachusetts Bar Association is pleased to report that the FY 16 State Budget passed yesterday by the House and Senate includes MBA-backed language to provide a pay raise for private Bar Advocates. District and Juvenile Court rates will go from $50 to $53 per hour; Children and Family Law Cases (CAFL) and Care and Protection Cases (C&P) will go from $50 to $55 per hour. The budget also allows the billable hour cap on private attorneys to move up from 1650 to 1800 hours for CAFL and C&P work.

While the MBA will continue to take steps to increase the rates further and to include other categories of Bar Advocate work, this is a great development given the budget deficit that necessitated over a $1.5 billion dollar cut.

The budget also contains an overall $631.5 million appropriation for the Trial Court, which is slightly less than the Senate number of $633 million, but well above the $628 million needed to avoid court employee layoffs.

The budget now goes to the governor's desk. Click here to view the MBA's letter to the governor.