Notable & Quotable: MBA members in the media

Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016

Notable & Quotable

  • "Curtin: Crisis in Turkey cries out for action," Boston Herald (Aug. 15). MBA member Kevin J. Curtin, senior appellate counsel at the Middlesex County, Massachusetts District Attorney's Office, wrote an editorial on an ABA approved and MBA-introduced resolution condemning recent detentions and arrests of people in the Turkish legal community.
  • "Drivers not entitled to consult an attorney before taking a breathalyzer test, Mass. high court rules," WBUR (Aug. 15). Peter T. Elikann, chair of the MBA's Criminal Justice Section Council, gave a criminal defense perspective on a recent SJC decision.
  • "Mode-of-operation decisions hailed by plaintiffs' attorneys," Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (August 15) MBA members Thomas R. Murphy, David P. McCormack and Carol A. Kelly provided analysis of the SJC's recent expansion of the mode-of-operation approach to premises liability.
  • "Improper dismissal of black jurors alleged in civil case," Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (August 15) MBA members Elizabeth N. Mulvey and Charlotte E. Glinka offered their insights on peremptory challenges.