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Thursday, Apr. 6, 2017

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Articles, blogs and other news recently shared on the Massachusetts Bar Association's social media sites.

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Supreme Judicial Court says former speaker Thomas Finneran must lose pension (Boston Globe)

McGovern: Fed attorney schooled by SJC on immigration case (Boston Herald, shared by @BobMcGovernJr)

Court: Civil rights law prohibits discrimination of LGBT (Associated Press)

Joe Kennedy III: Justice system hangs in the balance (Boston Herald)

Supreme Court to consider whether corporations may be liable for overseas human rights violations (ABA Journal)

State's top court to weigh whether local authorities must detain immigrants for ICE (Boston Globe)

Why Trump will have to work with the Senate, including democrats, to get his judges confirmed (BuzzfeedNews, shared by @chrisgeidner)

Pushing the addiction-as-disease envelope (CommonWealth, shared by @bostonjonas)