Featured Member Benefit: Sign up for Fastcase's COVID-19 Case Alerts

Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020

FastcaseMassachusetts Bar Association members have free, unlimited access to Fastcase — one of the nation's most popular legal research services. Fastcase has launched COVID-19 Case Alerts, an email alert service that keeps subscribers aware of new civil opinions, selected pleadings, breaking news and analyses of legal issues related to the coronavirus pandemic. Log in to Fastcase today to sign up.

With one of the largest online legal research libraries, Fastcase provides MBA members with coverage from state and federal courts, state statutes and administrative regulations, as well as court rules, constitutions, and other valuable libraries. It is used by more than 900,000 subscribers, including 34 state bar associations and many of the nation's largest law firms. 

Fastcase recently transitioned all MBA users to an updated version of the Fastcase legal research application. Click here for an in-depth look at the changes in the new Fastcase interface. The Fastcase interface includes:

  • Briefs, Pleadings, Motions and Orders 
    Users can now access hundreds of millions of Briefs, Pleadings, Motions and Orders provided by Docket Alarm (a Fastcase company). Now Fastcase users can access Docket Alarm’s 400+ million documents. 
  • Ground-up Redesign of User Interface
    Users have given a lot of feedback about Fastcase 7’s user interface. Fastcase listened. This release provides a full redesign of the entire interface. The biggest improvement: Fastcase now looks great on all screens — from 27-inch retina monitors down to the smallest phone. 
  • Authority Check
    Finding a case’s status — or documents that cite to a statute or court rule — just became easier with the newly redesigned Authority Check. Simply click on a document’s flag to see other documents that cite to it. Fastcase separated the algorithmically determined Negative Treatment, making it quicker and easier to determine a document’s authority and status.

To access Fastcase, click here.

Questions about Fastcase? Contact Fastcase Customer Support at