MBA President Edward W. McIntyre celebrates start of 2008-09 term

Issue October 2008 By Kelsey Sadoff

Members of the legal community from across the commonwealth gathered to celebrate the start of MBA President Edward W. McIntyre’s 2008-09 term at the annual President’s Reception, held in Worcester’s Mechanics Hall on Sept. 18. McIntyre began his association year by thanking fellow practitioners for their ongoing support over the years.

"How does a solo practitioner do this?" McIntyre asked. "Other members of the bar step up and help."

Praised by his family and fellow practitioners as being dedicated and a hard worker, McIntyre envisions his new position as MBA president as "sower of seeds of sorts" ― an opportunity to create sustainable leadership within the association.

"My dad is focused on being mindful," said Kate McIntyre, McIntyre’s daughter and a solo practitioner in Quincy. "Over several years, he has really changed and developed as both a person and a lawyer. He is focused on the present and future and giving others an opportunity to be heard."

Maintaining a "laser-like focus on collaborative opportunities through the legal community and beyond" for the 2008-09 association year, McIntyre has appointed more than 20 first-time section chairs who represent highly diverse views, styles, practice area expertise, ethnicity and geographic regions. Along with his fellow officers, who "bring unique strengths to bar leadership," McIntyre believes the "association will reap the benefits of [these appointments]."

In addition to praising fellow MBA members, McIntyre thanked the Clinton Bar Association for its support over the last 20 years, as well as the Worcester County Bar Association, for being models of professionalism throughout his career. He has been "humbled" by the outpouring of support from members of his 1981 law school class who called him upon learning of his election and offered their assistance.

"Ed will be focused on growth in both membership and ideas of what the MBA should be," said MBA Executive Director Marilyn J. Wellington. "Times have changed in the practice of law, and the MBA needs to change with it. Ed will build a stronger rapport with members and nonmembers."

McIntyre’s reception included fellow MBA officers, section council chairs and residents of McIntyre’s community of Clinton. McIntyre was also joined by his family, which includes three brothers, four sisters, three children, his wife of 36 years and first granddaughter, Caitlyn. McIntyre’s presidency is a "great honor for us," said McIntyre’s daughter Maureen. "It is an honor that lawyers in Massachusetts have chosen him to lead them through the next year."

"To achieve what he has achieved tonight speaks volumes," said Mike McIntyre, his son. "He has done the right things in life and this is an achievement of practicing 30 years of law."