Pro Bono Opportunities

Pro Bono Opportunities

The Pro Bono Opportunities Guide is a comprehensive listing of statewide agencies that are in need of pro bono assistance from attorneys, law students or paralegals. The guide is available online.

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Rule 6.1 Voluntary Pro Bono Publico Service

A lawyer should provide annually at least 25 hours of pro bono publico legal services for the benefit of persons of limited means. In providing these professional services, the lawyer should:

(a) provide all or most of the 25 hours of pro bono publico legal services without compensation or expectation of compensation to persons of limited means, or to charitable, religious, civic, community, governmental and educational organizations in matters that are designed primarily to address the needs of persons of limited means. The lawyer may provide any remaining hours by delivering legal services at substantially reduced compensation to persons of limited means or by participating in activities for improving the law, the legal system, or the legal profession that are primarily intended to benefit persons of limited means; or,

(b) contribute from $250 to 1 percent of the lawyer's annual taxable, professional income to one or more organizations that provide or support legal services to persons of limited means.

For more information, contact Community Services at (617) 338-0695.

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