Advocate for court funding with ABA's Toolkit

Thursday, Apr. 2, 2015
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Boston Municipal Court Clerk-Magistrate Dan Hogan appears in the ABA’s Full and Fair Court Funding Video

As Massachusetts legislators prepare their proposals for the commonwealth's fiscal year 2016 budget, it is important that the Judicial branch be fully funded so that our courts can continue to provide equal justice for all. The Massachusetts Bar Association will continue its advocacy on behalf of the courts. You can help, too.

The American Bar Association's Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section has created a Full and Fair Court Funding Toolkit, which includes information to help you understand the national crisis caused by underfunded courts, as well as tools to "take action."

One of the most powerful components of the Toolkit is a video featuring Boston Municipal Court Clerk-Magistrate Dan Hogan, who discusses how budget cuts have impacted the courts in Massachusetts. For example, in one segment Hogan says: "A majority of a court's budget is based on personnel. We have eliminated everything, including law clerks. We've slashed ADR programs. Judges, magistrates and others took furloughs. We haven't hired anyone in probably four years."

Without proper funding, our courts face the potential of further staff reductions and court closures. With your help, and support from our elected officials, together we can help ensure equal access to justice for all in the commonwealth.