MBA task force launches Consumer Resource Center

Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015

Consumer Law Resources VideoThe Massachusetts Bar Association's Consumer Advocacy Task Force has launched a Consumer Law Resource Center on, homepage of the MBA's Lawyer Referral Service, providing a "clearinghouse" of useful links, quick-tip videos and answers to some of the most frequently asked consumer protection questions.

The MBA's task force volunteers created the Consumer Law Resource Center after thoroughly researching and identifying the most accurate information and resources on consumer-related topics, such as housing, automobiles (Lemon Law), elder law, insurance, health care, and identity theft, among others. Massachusetts residents now have a one-stop destination for consumer law information in the commonwealth, including links to sample forms, relevant state agencies, and other consumer protection hotlines and websites. If consumers have additional questions, the resource center also offers easy access to the MBA's Lawyer Referral Service, which now provides instant referrals online, 24/7.

"There is so much information at our fingertips on the Internet, but it's difficult to know which information to trust and which is accurate," said MBA Vice President Christopher A. Kenney, chair of the MBA's Consumer Advocacy Task Force. "We're proud to aggregate and compile the most useful information through this helpful resource at, which we hope will empower consumers by pointing them to the answers they need when they have consumer-related questions or claims."

Special thanks to all the Task Force members (past and present) who helped launch this helpful resource: MBA Vice President Christopher A. Kenney (chair), Alice B. Braunstein, Nadine Cohen, Jessica G. Kelly, Francis K. Morris, Margaret Helen Paget, Jodi M. Petrucelli, Adam C. Ponte, Jaimeson E. Porter and Andrew Rainer.

The MBA's Consumer Advocacy Task Force was established in 2013 to advance the MBA's commitment to protecting consumer rights. In 2014, the task force held the inaugural MBA Consumer Advocacy Symposium, featuring the MBA Pinnacle Awards, which recognized companies that employ proactive initiatives for the benefit of consumers in Massachusetts. Stay tuned for more information on the 2015 Consumer Advocacy Symposium and Pinnacle Awards, coming this fall.