MBA launches first podcast: MassBar Beat

Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016
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Click here to listen to the first-ever MassBar Beat podcast.

On Monday, Oct. 3,  the Massachusetts Bar Association launched its first-ever podcast: the MassBar Beat.

In the inaugural episode - "Leadership: All the World's a Stage" - MBA President Jeffrey N. Catalano shares a little-known story about his time in the theater, and how it informed his vision of leadership. The track is available via SoundCloud here (follow us), and it is also available on the blog page of My Bar Access. In addition, it will be added to the iTunes library.

Looking ahead, the MassBar Beat will feature interesting stories involving MBA members and others in our legal community, practical programming and timely updates on important legal developments.

"I'm excited to open this new chapter in MBA communications," said Catalano, in his announcement message to members earlier in the week. "You have plenty of ways to read about the great things going on at the MBA through Lawyers Journal, eJournal, the Massachusetts Law Review, My Bar Access, our social media channels, and more. And now you can hear about it, too."