Murphy condemns ‘Assault on Democracy’

Thursday, Jan. 7, 2021
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MBA President Denise I. Murphy

Massachusetts Bar Association President Denise I. Murphy issued the following statement today about the events at the Capitol on January 6: 

We stand with our Constitution

Yesterday, we watched a physical attack on our democracy. What started as a peaceful protest, as guaranteed by our Constitution, devolved into a full frontal assault on the process of a peaceful transfer of power. Make no mistake about this: This was an assault on our democracy and we, as officers of the Court, condemn these acts of anarchy against our Constitution and the Rule of Law.

We, the people, and the members of the Massachusetts Bar Association, stand for the Rule of Law and with our elected officials who were simply doing “the People’s Work.” They showed remarkable courage in the face of real and imminent danger and we commend their dedication to their Constitutional responsibilities.

The Massachusetts Bar Association supports the full prosecution of anyone who attempts to subvert the Congressional process and threaten the health and safety of our elected officials.