2022-23 MBA officers and delegates announced

Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Massachusetts Bar Association Nominating Committee, led by MBA Immediate Past President Denise I. Murphy, has issued its report for the 2022-23 nominations for MBA officers and regional/at-large delegates.

The committee was composed of Murphy, MBA Past President James S. Dilday, MBA Past President Christopher A. Kenney, MBA Past President John J. Morrissey, MBA Past President David W. White, Migdalia Iris Nalls and Michael B. Ready.

Grace V.B. Garcia automatically succeeds to the office of president on Sept. 1, 2022. Pursuant to Article VIII, Section 1 of the MBA Bylaws, the committee has filed with the MBA secretary the following list of other officers for 2022-23:

President-elect Damian J. Turco
Vice President Victoria Santoro Mair
Treasurer Michael H. Hayden
Secretary Samuel A. Segal

Regional and At-Large Delegates:

Region 1 Robert A. Brown 
Region 2 Bernard J. Mulholland
Region 3 Denise Squillante 
Region 4 Mary F. Courtney
Region 5 Michael P. Cardaropoli
Region 6 Marsha V. Kazarosian
Paul J. Klehm
Region 7 Lee J. Gartenberg
Hon. Bonnie H. MacLeod
Michael D. Molloy
Region 8 Francis C. Morrissey
Richard J. Sweeney
Region 9 Anthony J. Benedetti
Georgia K. Critsley 
Shayla J. Mombeleur
Shampagne L. Robinson
Region 10 Jane Eden
Geoffrey E. Spofford 
At-Large Jason E. Armiger
Stephen Y. Chow 
Lori A. Cianciulli
Peter T. Elikann
Marc A. Moccia
Martha Rush O’Mara 
John J. Vasapolli

For additional information about MBA delegate positions, please refer to Article V of the MBA's Bylaws. For information on the Nominating Committee, please refer to Article VIII of the MBA's Bylaws. A full copy of the association bylaws can be found here.

To view the MBA Election and Nomination Procedures, click here.

NOTE: The MBA Election and Nomination Procedures stipulate that the Nominating Committee's report be published on or before the Friday of the second full week of April. As this year's report is being published one week late, the deadline to submit nominations by petition of officers or regional delegates will also be pushed back one week. Nominations by petition now must be filed with the MBA secretary on or before the Friday of the second full week of May. Please see the MBA Election and Nomination Procedures for more information.