Online CLE for September

Issue August 2003

Among the offerings for September are:

Ethical Issues and Standards for Inside Counsel - Implementing a Successful Diversity Program This seminar will briefly address the history of the ethical rules applicable to the corporate attorney and then set forth the various conflicts and competing interests that the corporate attorney may encounter today.

Ethics for Solo and Small Firm Practitioners Learn how to avoid ethical traps and pitfalls for the solo and small firm practitioner, including how to handle conflicts, avoid client complaints and malpractice and maintain client trust accounts.

Thriving: Coping Successfully with the Stress of Legal Practice

New Techniques for Winning Jury Trials: Opening/Closing Statements and Demonstrative Evidence

New Techniques for Winning Jury Trials: Overview How to effectively orchestrate the visual and verbal parts of the trial; how to increase you team's credibility and impact; and how to recognize, interpret and assess clues from prospective jurors with or without questioning them.

New Techniques for Winning Jury Trials: Pretrial Preparation Learn the importance of pre-trial research, specifically, when to use mock trials and focus groups; how to organize, present and evaluate mock trials and focus groups; and when to use jury questionnaires and how to effectively design them.

New Techniques for Winning Jury Trials: Voir Dire
This seminar will highlight the intricacies of whom to strike, interpreting jury statistics, the importance of civil and criminal questions and assessing prospective jurors.

Time Management for Attorneys Get 10 hot tips to maximize your time and 20 practical steps for successful time management.

Welcome to the Real World: A Toolkit for New Lawyers Learn practical tips and pitfalls to avoid in a new law practice.

Winding Down Your Practice Learn ethical requirements for winding down; fee arrangements for cases transferred to successor counsel; notification of clients, courts and other counsel; plus practical tips for the numerous management details of closing up shop.