Issue August 2003 By Joseph P.J. Vrabel

As this MBA year draws to a close and all of us enjoy the summer months with a sigh of relief after a long, hard winter, I wanted to take the opportunity in my last column to say thanks for allowing me to serve as President of the Massachusetts Bar Association. It has been my distinct honor and privilege to serve the MBA this past year and I honestly can't believe it is just about over.

So here are some of the more specific thanks I'd like to give, in no particular order.


•  For listening to me all year and, hopefully getting the message of not just talking about more diversity, inclusion, outreach and education, but actually doing it;

•  For reading this column every month and sending me your incredible notes of support and encouragement for what you read;

•  For participating in this great organization, whether as an officer, House of Delegate or Executive Management Board member, Task Force participant, Section Council chair or member, staff or in any other capacity;

•  For constantly giving your time, more often than not in more than one capacity;

•  For your insight, candid opinions, honesty and ideas on how we can do things better, even if that meant breaking out of the mold and doing things differently;

•  For supporting the dedicated staff of the MBA, from Abbe, Bill, Ed, Lisa and Beth (to name only a few), to our interns. They are all tireless workers and we owe them an enormous debt of gratitude;

•  For making a long year short;

•  For reminding me to take a deep breath when I needed to;

•  For teaching me what it means to become a leader (a task you never stop learning);

•  For unfailingly keeping the snack basket in my office full;

•  For paying your dues; and, finally

•  For making this just about the most enjoyable and memorable year of my life.