Help the MBA serve you better

Issue July 2003

Have you switched jobs? Started your own firm? Changed practice areas? Gotten a new e-mail address or phone number? We need to know!

The MBA has many programs and services available to members - and many exciting new benefits planned for the fall. Some MBA benefits - such as the Casemaker Online Law Library - are of value to most members, while others are tailored to unique areas of practice, regions of the state or other factors.

To inform you of the MBA programs, initiatives and events that best meet your needs and interests, we need to know more about you.

This summer and fall, the MBA Membership Department is conducting a "data drive" to encourage all members to update their Member Profiles.

What's a Member Profile? That refers to your registration information and other information we record, such as your address, phone number, areas of practice and size of firm.

We use Member Profiles internally and confidentially to improve the services we offer. This includes being able to determine which groups of members should receive announcements of certain MBA programs. Many of our members find these services and notifications valuable, and by keeping your profile information current, you help us streamline the information we send you. That means you'll receive less generic mail or messages from us, and those you do receive will be more relevant to you.

We also use Member Profile information to perform statistical analyses of member activity and to measure member interest in various aspects of the association. This helps us develop and improve MBA programs, benefits and services. The MBA also uses demographic information in aggregate form to inform advertisers of general categories of our membership's make-up, interests and specializations.

A word about your privacy: The Massachusetts Bar Association respects your personal and professional privacy. On limited occasions we allow qualified companies to inform you of worthwhile programs or services. In doing so, the MBA works through independent third parties and only releases names and addresses for one-time use.

A side benefit of the current "data drive" is that by updating our membership information we can better control printing and mailing costs.

Over the summer and fall, members will see ads in Lawyers Journal, teasers in Lawyers e-Journal, banner ads on and messages on MBA renewal mailings asking you to update your Member Profile.

So, please take a minute to give us your update so we can give you the precise information you need to enhance your practice.