The importance of customer service

Issue May 2003

Experience is often our best teacher.

Recently I have been reminded about the importance of good customer service because of a lengthy, unhappy saga involving my car (if you want to know what kind, call me).

I can almost hear many of you nodding knowingly, having had similar problems of your own. It isn't bad enough that the _____ (fill in the blank) isn't working, but no one from the dealer to the manufacturer seems to care. Repeated calls and inquiries and requests for assistance seem to fall on deaf ears.

This situation led me to reflect on the MBA and the significance of the quality of customer service we provide. Try hard as we might, no doubt our exemplary staff (myself included of course) still make mistakes from time to time. While occasional inadvertent errors can be forgiven, what is not acceptable to me - and should not be experienced by you - is poor responsiveness when you call for assistance in correcting our mistake.

It is my goal and my expectation that, when a problem arises, you be met with staff eager to help in any way possible to minimize the inconvenience we may have caused you. This is my personal commitment to you; you should expect and accept nothing less.

In the interest of making an already excellent staff even more service oriented, we soon will be providing additional training to those of our staff who deal most frequently with members and the public. But if at any time you are dissatisfied with the way in which any of us have handled your issues, please contact that individual's supervisor. And you are always free to give me a call directly to discuss your concerns.

That is an important part of what we are here for - to serve you and to make your lives as attorneys easier. Please let us know when we are not fulfilling that goal.

No new nominees

I also want to let you know that no petitions for nomination for MBA officers were received. Accordingly, the slate of officers nominated by the Nominating Committee will be presented to the House of Delegates in May. Congratulations to all the nominees!