MBA welcomes new members

Issue July 2004

Kathleen Alexander

Stephen K. Ault of Law Office of Stephen K. Ault

Danilo A. Avalon of Avalon Law Office PC

Stephen Robert Bentfield

Patricia M. Blackburn of White Inker Aronson PC

Michelle E. Bloomer

Jeffery W. Brids of Law Office of Jeffery Brids

Jonathan C. Calianos of U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Rhode Island

Joseph A. Camillo, Jr. of The Law Office of Joseph A. Camillo Jr.

Cathleen E. Campbell of Cathleen E. Campbell Esq.

Laura C. Capshaw of Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker

Michelle Carnevale of Law Offices of Michelle Carnevale

Jason Caron of Cummings Properties Mgt. Inc.

Jodie Ann Caruolo of Casey and Thompson PC

Robert E. Champagne

Christopher G. Coogan

Arthur Francis Cote of Law Office of Arthur Francis Cote

Jennifer J. Cox of Law Office of Jennifer J. Cox

Mike W. Crosby of Saint-Gobian Corp.

Amy L. Davidson of Sandulli Grace PC

Meredith Curran Desharnais of The Law Office of Meredith Curran Desharnais

Yiping Du of Law Office of Yiping Du

Jason R. Ebacher

Daniel K. Eidle

Suzanne Feldman

Carmina D. Fernandes of Fernandes & Assoc.

Gary L. Fialky of Bacon & Wilson, PC

Paul M. Freitas of Law Office of Paul M. Freitas

Rachel B. Funk of The Law Office of Wm. G. Smith

John Garland

Howard F. Gaynor of Gaynor & Hedgpeth LLP

Helene Gerstle

Deborah Anne Gibbs of Boston Bar Association

Barbara D. Gilmore of U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Harold Donohue Federal Building & Courthouse

John P. Giuggio of Massachusetts Water Resources

Robert J. Gizmunt of Gillespie & Associates

Bruce G. Goldman of Law Office of Robert Noonan

Richard Goldstein of Massachusetts Turnpike Authority

Margaret G. Grant of Massachusetts Assoc. of Realtors

Patricia A. Groves

Steven M. Guiney of Law Office of Steven M. Guiney

Katherine M. Hamill of Supreme Judicial Court

G. Scott Hanley of Prime Title Ser Inc

Donald Paul Hart of Law Office of Donald P. Hart

Eileen M. Herlihy of Palmer & Dodge LLP

Laurie Drew Hubbard of Littler Mendelson PC

Renee Inomata of Burns & Levinson LLP

Peter Rodman Irvine

Paul Irwin

Leonard C. Jackson of Law Office of Leonard C. Jackson

Lindsay Johnson of Lindsay Johnson PC

Barbara Ann Jones of Hale & Dorr LLP

Gary S. Katzmann of U.S. Attorney's Office

Nancy Sue Keller of Burns & Levinson LLP

Andrea Lauren Kelton-Harris of Harvard University

Jack Kemp

Eric P. Klein

Daniel Lagosh, Jr.

Allen R. Larson of Law Office of Allen R. Larson

Garrett J. Lee of Parker/Scheer

Patricia Ann Lewis of Magaletta & McCarthy PC

Joseph A. MacDonald of Law Office of Joseph A.

Eva R. Mair

David A. Marcelino

Michael P. Martel

George E. McCarthy, Jr.

Kathleen M. McCormick of McCormick Murtaugh
Marcus & Smith

Thomas Kincaid McCraw, Jr. of Nelson Kinder Mosseau & Saturley, P.C.

Peter K. Menard

Karen A. Michalson

Michael A. Middleton of National Grid USA Service Company, Inc.

Kathleen J. Moore

John J. Moran

Philip F. Mulvey, III of Law Office of Phillip F. Mulvey

MaryAnn Neary of Boston College-Law Library

Alexander M. Nesson of Law Office of Alexander Nesson

Nancy A. Newark of Burns & Levinson LLP

Patricia Anne Nolan

John J. O'Connor, Jr. of Murtha Cullina Roche Carens & DeGiacomo, LLP

Michael J. O'Connor

R. Daniel O'Connor of Securities and Exchange Comm.

James R. O'Leary of O'Leary Law Office

David J. O'Mahony of Law Office of David J. O'Mahony

Daniel H. Orenstein of Law Office of Daniel H. Orenstein

George F. Parnell of Hertzfeld & Rubin LLC

Angela R. Philbrook of Law Office of Angela Rae Philbrook

Diane Pixley of DPIX Consulting

Lauren A. Puglia of Adler Pollock & Sheehan Library

Charles Rayford Quinn, III

Valquiria C. Ribeiro

Donna M. Rigg

Eve L. Ross

Jane A. Rothchild of Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Department of Environmental Protection

Bruce D. Rubenstein of Law Office of Bruce D. Rubenstein

Kevin M. Ryan of Law Office of Kevin M. Ryan

Mark B. Ryan of Middlesex Regional Insurance

John Salsberg of Salsberg & Schneider

Anthony M. Santoro of City of Medford-Law Department

Elizabeth D. Scheibel of Northwestern District Attorney's Office-Northampton

Arthur A. Shabo

David Michael Shamberger of Pepe & Hazard LLP

Stanley A. Shea of Law Office of Donald Bumiller

Jane Shepard

David J. Smith

Deann Foran Smith of Lahive & Cockfield, LLP

Amy T. Sollins of University of Connecticut

Catherine W. Spalding

Chris L. Sprengle of Update Legal

Bradford E. Steiner of Geac Computers, Inc

Jeffrey David Stieb of Massachusetts Port Authority

Adolphe A. Storey

Kerry David Strayer of Kamberg Berman PC

Mark D. Sullivan of Sullivan & Sullivan LLP

Richard J. Sullivan of Sullivan & Sullivan LLP

Christopher Sullivan of Law Office of Christopher Sullivan PC

Mark Lee Swartz

Theodore Tedeschi of Erickson Israel Schaffer Silberman, PC

David P. Tibbetts

Alisha Tomasino of Zisson & Veara

Ethan V. Torrey of Ropes & Gray

Bevevly M. Vucson

Jason A. Webber

Jeffrey S. Weisser of Connor Sandman & Weisser

Jonathan M. White of Yasi & Yasi

Wilda L. White of Law office of Walker & Hamilton

Sara D. Wiener of Children Legal Services, Inc

Edward G. Winbourne

Barbara L. Worthen of Worthen Consulting

Brian Y. Yamasaki of Bingham McCutchen LLP

Diane Marie Zaferiou

George J. Zavoritis